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Telford Raiders are a forward-thinking Rugby League club that aims to create positive, safe and inclusive environments for all players, spectators, match officials, volunteers and coaches involved in Rugby League.

We strive to play the sport we are passionate about in an open, inclusive environment that fosters a real sense of belonging. We are proud of our reputation for being competitive on the pitch and welcoming off it.

We run teams for adult men, women, youth players, Masters and also have an active Touch rugby group. We also support the Shrewsbury Lions RLFC a junior club who are a satellite of the Raiders.

Our Men’s Senior Team, known for their grit and determination, stands as a beacon of athletic excellence and sportsmanship in the league. Comprising a diverse group of talented players, each bringing their own unique skills and experiences to the pitch, the team embodies the Raiders’ ethos of hard work, respect, and community. On and off the field, these athletes not only showcase thrilling rugby performances but also engage actively in community events, representing the true heart and soul of Telford Raiders. Join us in cheering them on as they tackle challenges, celebrate victories, and continue to write their inspiring story in the world of rugby league.

Introducing the newest addition to the Telford Raiders Rugby League family—the Women and Ladies Team!

As the Raiders continue to grow and evolve, we are thrilled to announce the formation of this dynamic and dedicated group of athletes. Committed to inclusivity, athleticism, and sportsmanship, our Women and Ladies Team is poised to make waves in rugby league. With a diverse roster of talented players, they embody the spirit of determination and unity that defines Telford Raiders.

Join us in celebrating their journey as they break barriers, score tries, and pave the way for future generations of female rugby league players.

Welcome to the vibrant and growing Youth Section of the Telford Raiders Rugby League, where the future stars of rugby are born and nurtured! Our Youth Program is dedicated to fostering young talent and enthusiasm for the sport, providing a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for players of all backgrounds and skill levels. Here, young athletes aged 15 years, are encouraged to develop their rugby skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship under the guidance of experienced and passionate coaches.

Join us in cheering on these young Raiders as they embark on their exciting rugby journey!

Touch Rugby is a game that combines speed, strategy, and skill in a dynamic and inclusive environment. Our Touch Rugby team is a testament to the club’s commitment to diversifying the sport and offering a fun, engaging way to enjoy rugby for all ages and abilities. Here, players get the opportunity to hone their rugby skills, improve fitness, and enjoy the camaraderie of team sports without the full contact of traditional rugby. Emphasising teamwork, agility, and quick thinking, our Touch Rugby sessions are perfect for those looking to engage in a more accessible version of the game, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport.

Join us to experience the thrill of Touch Rugby, where fun, fitness, and friendship come together on the pitch!

Welcome to the Masters Rugby League Team at Telford Raiders, where the spirit of rugby thrives beyond the constraints of age! Our Masters Team celebrates the timeless appeal of rugby, offering a fantastic opportunity for players aged 35 and over to continue enjoying the game they love. This team is more than just a place to play; it’s a community where experience, camaraderie, and a shared passion for rugby unite players of various backgrounds. Masters Rugby League emphasises enjoyment and social interaction, with a focus on playing in a more relaxed and less competitive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or returning to the sport after a break, our team provides a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Join our Masters Team to relive the glory days, make new memories, and be part of the enduring legacy of the Telford Raiders Rugby League.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our player focussed coaching philosophy is centred on skills acquisition and development, team play, and fun. The Raiders have a long history of youth and junior coaching and have seen many players move on to further their rugby careers with professional clubs St Helens, Wigan, Warrington and Castleford, the armed forces Army and RAF, and universities Liverpool John Moores, Leeds, Oxford, Nottingham, Manchester, Gloucester and more.  We pride ourselves on how many of our youth players transition into our senior team.

None of this happens without a fantastic group of volunteers, coaches and administrators, who are focussed on giving all our players opportunities to thrive, to develop into life-long participants and to grow Rugby League outside its traditional heartlands. Their support makes it possible for more individuals to access activity beneficial to physical and mental health. It helps us build a club we all in our local community can be proud of.


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Adult Match Location: Telford Hornets Rugby Club RFC, Hinkshay Rd, Telford TF4 3NZ

Youth Match Location: Phoenix Sports Centre, Manor Rd, Telford TF4 3DZ

Telephone: +44 7952 769551


Non-Discrimination Policy

At Telford Raiders, we are committed to creating an inclusive and respectful environment for all. We firmly believe in and uphold the principles of equality and diversity, ensuring that no individual is discriminated against based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by law. Our policy extends to all aspects of our club, including player recruitment, team selection, coaching, staff employment, and interactions within our community. We strive to foster a culture of respect and unity, where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to contribute to the success of our club.