In the heart of Lawley, a vibrant community found its inked haven in January 2022 when Black Rose Tattoo officially opened its doors. Steered by the skilled hands and passionate vision of Ben, the tattoo studio has not only left indelible marks on countless skin canvases but has also etched its presence as a community supporter. Today, we celebrate not just the artistry within the studio but the significant bond forged between Black Rose Tattoo and the Telford Raiders Rugby League, a partnership that goes beyond the pitch.

Ben’s Perspective: “I opened officially in January 2022 in Lawley. There are six artists at my shop now, including myself,” Ben proudly asserts. His journey isn’t merely about creating art on skin but is deeply rooted in community support, skills development, and breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry.

Supporting the Local Community: At the core of Black Rose Tattoo’s ethos is the commitment to support the local community. For Ben and his team, it’s not just about ink and needles; it’s about contributing to the vibrancy of Lawley and being an integral part of the community’s fabric.

Changing Lives through Skill Development: One of the main highlights for Ben is the ability to train individuals and provide them with a lifelong career. By imparting skills and knowledge, Black Rose Tattoo is not just a studio but a gateway for many to transform their lives positively.

Empowering Women in a Male-Dominated Industry: In an industry often dominated by male artists, Black Rose Tattoo takes pride in its commitment to supporting women. Ben and his team actively work towards breaking stereotypes, providing equal opportunities, and fostering an environment where talent knows no gender.

A Family Affair: What makes Black Rose Tattoo truly special is the familial touch. Ben’s decision to make it a family-run business, with his sister by his side, adds a personal dimension to the studio. It’s not just a place of work; it’s a shared passion that binds the family together.

Sponsoring Telford Raiders Rugby League:
Beyond the buzzing tattoo machines and vibrant ink palettes, Black Rose Tattoo has extended its reach to the rugby field by sponsoring the Telford Raiders Rugby League. Ben’s connection to local sports, having played for the Hornets in his younger days, makes this partnership all the more meaningful.

Ben reflects on the sponsorship, stating, “It’s great to be able to support local teams and get the chance to help support each other. I look forward to getting to know the players and having the chance to come down, watch, and support you in the league when it starts again.”

In the union of ink and impact, Black Rose Tattoo has woven a narrative that goes beyond artistic expression. It’s about community, empowerment, and support. As the Telford Raiders Rugby League proudly wear the Black Rose Tattoo sponsorship, they carry not just a brand but a shared commitment to making a lasting impression both on and off the pitch.