Telford Raiders Rugby Club is buzzing with anticipation as the 2024 season approaches, and the team has announced it’s leadership lineup to steer them to victory. The newly appointed head coach, Nathan Parker, has chosen Denham Samuels as the captain, with Liam Cashman and Ben Foskett named as vice-captains.

Denham Samuels, the seasoned player selected to lead the team, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season and his continued commitment to the Raiders. In a recent statement, he shared, “What’s my reason for resigning again this year? Well, I wouldn’t know what to do with my Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons throughout the spring and summer otherwise. Telford Raiders has been a massive part of my life as long back as I can remember, and it will be until I’m unable to.”

Samuels, who made a remarkable comeback to the field last year after receiving a new hip, is thrilled to be playing under the guidance of Nathan Parker. “To be able to play under big Nath is a massive privilege, as I have played with him since he joined us at U16s, I believe. It is a massive honor he wants me to carry on as captain and help him on his journey to being an exceptional coach.”

The tight-knit bond among the players is a driving force for Samuels, who highlighted the unique camaraderie within the squad. “The lads, we have a special bond that’s quite hard to describe. A lot of us play for various union teams and play against each other, but come summer, we band together as a squad and play for each other.”

Samuels is also looking forward to playing alongside Reece McCallister, who has finally joined the team, making the transition from promises to reality. “And lastly, I’m excited to learn more from our very experienced Joe Furlong. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and was a crucial part of getting us back on top last year.”

Joining Samuels in the leadership group, vice-captain Liam Cashman shared his excitement for the upcoming season. “I’m rejoining because I’m excited for the new season, to see what Nottingham bring to the league and to defend our Midlands Premiership. Thanks to Nathan, being part of the leadership group is an honor, and I’m really excited for the new season.”

Ben Foskett added ” I have played for the raiders for 14 years and have grown up around some really memorable and influential characters, such as my captain Denz and new head coach and I hope to be someone to inspire new up and coming players in future seasons to come. I’m Honoured to be selected to be vice captain and a member of the leadership group and hope to be able to pass on my experience both on and off the pitch”

With a dynamic leadership team and a squad fueled by passion and camaraderie, Telford Raiders are gearing up for a thrilling 2024 season, ready to face new challenges and defend their title in the Midlands Premiership.