We are thrilled to announce that Shropshire Engineering Supplies Ltd will continue their partnership with the Telford Raiders as the official medical supplies sponsor for the 2024 season. Rob Fradgley, the owner of Shropshire Engineering Supplies, expressed his delight at extending this collaboration for a second consecutive year, highlighting the pleasure he experienced supporting the Raiders in their triumphs on and off the pitch last season.

Fradgley stated, “It was a pleasure supporting the Telford Raiders last year with all their successes both on and off the pitch. I’ll look forward to supporting them again this year.” His commitment and enthusiasm reflect the strong bond between Shropshire Engineering Supplies and the Raiders, as they strive for excellence in the upcoming season.

Martin Foskett, Team Manager of the Telford Raiders, emphasised the significance of having Rob Fradgley and Shropshire Engineering Supplies on board for the second year running. Foskett conveyed his gratitude, saying, “Having Rob from Shropshire Engineering Supplies on board for the 2nd year running is huge for the Raiders. Thanks for your continued support.” The partnership between the Raiders and Shropshire Engineering Supplies has proven to be a winning formula, both on and off the field.

Shropshire Engineering Supplies Ltd, headquartered in Telford, is a leading provider of engineering consumables in the region. Their extensive product range includes bearings, power transmission, pneumatics, hydraulics, tools, motors, gearboxes, seals, CNC machining, and fabrications. The company’s commitment to offering a full spectrum of high-quality engineering solutions has made them an indispensable resource for businesses in Telford and beyond.

A key distinguishing feature of Shropshire Engineering Supplies is their dedication to providing a personalised service. The company takes pride in being accessible and responsive to customer inquiries and orders. In an ever-evolving market, Shropshire Engineering Supplies is well-equipped to meet the challenges and demands of today’s engineering landscape.

As the Telford Raiders gear up for the 2024 season, the continued support from Shropshire Engineering Supplies ensures that the team has access to top-notch medical supplies, contributing to the overall well-being and success of the players. The Raiders are proud to be associated with a local business that shares their commitment to excellence, and they look forward to achieving new milestones together in the upcoming season.

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