Are you looking to make a positive impact in your community while gaining exposure for your brand? Look no further! Telford Raiders are currently seeking sponsorship for the 2024 season, and we invite you to join us in supporting grassroots sports and local talent.

Telford Raiders, a beloved local sports club, are gearing up for an exciting season ahead. As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on the generous support of businesses and individuals like you to keep our operations running smoothly and provide opportunities for our players to excel.

Sponsorship Packages:

Player of the Match: For just £35 per match or £150 for the full season, you can become the official sponsor of the Player of the Match. This package includes an advertisement on our social media platforms, reaching thousands of followers, and a memorable photo opportunity with the chosen player after the game.

Match Ball Sponsor: Make your mark on game day by sponsoring the match ball for £35 per match. Your brand will be showcased on our social media channels in the run-up to the game, gaining valuable exposure to our dedicated supporters and followers.

Match Day/Food Sponsor: Fuel our players for success by sponsoring the match day or providing food for just £35 per match. Your brand will be promoted on our social media platforms, connecting you with our engaged community both online and offline.

By sponsoring Telford Raiders, you’re not only investing in our club but also in the community we serve. Your support enables us to provide coaching, equipment, and facilities for players of all ages, fostering a love for sport and teamwork within our local area.

Join us in making a difference and become part of our journey towards success. Together, we are stronger!

To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities or to get involved, please contact [insert contact details].


Don’t miss out on this chance to support Telford Raiders and make a lasting impact in our community. Together, we can achieve greatness on and off the field!